Lunch Crunch 2

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Using your mouse, drag the food tiles from above into the plates below.

Fill each plate with two fruits or vegetables before they reach Chef Bleu. Remove any unhealthy side items already on the plates by feeding them to the dishwasher fly, Monsieur Grosse.

Once you correctly fill a plate with fruits or vegetables, they disappear and sometimes leave a power-up. Power-ups can help you during the game, but you can only have three at a time in the Power-up Tray.

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It’s lunchtime again and Chef Bleu has cooked up some healthy (and not-so-healthy) items for you to choose from! Lunch is a great time to add fruit and vegetables to your day even when eating out. Help the lunch line by removing unhealthy side items from plates and replacing them with two fruits and vegetables before they get to Chef Bleu. Feed the hungry dishwasher fly, Monsieur Grosse, all the unhealthy leftovers for extra points.

Choose from four kinds of food:

  1. Fruit: Nutritious seed-containing foods like fruit salad, apple sauce, and mandarine oranges.
  2. Non-Fruit: Foods that just taste like fruit or don’t contain enough fruit to count towards the 5-A-Day plan. Examples include apple jelly, strawberry cheesecake, and mango pudding.
  3. Vegetable: Nutritious foods from the ground like baked beans, garlic red potatoes, and seasoned mixed vegetables.
  4. Non-Vegetable: Non-Vegetable: Foods that only taste like vegetable or don’t contain enough vegetables to count towards the 5-A-Day plan. Examples include cornbread, refried beans, and fried vegetable egg rolls.

We want to help kids and their families live healthier lives by preventing obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. Part of a healthy lifestyle is a healthy diet. Nutritionists recommend that kids follow the 5-A-Day plan and eat five servings of fruit and vegetables each day.

By playing the Lunch Crunch 2 health game, we hope you will be able to successfully add foods that count as a serving of fruit and vegetables to your lunch when you eat out at a restaurant. Get healthy the 5-A-Day way!

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