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Playnormous is an online community where children, their parents, and teachers can learn about health in a fun, interactive way. Playnormous health games are for everyone but are specifically conceptualized for K-5 kids.

Our motto, FunForAChange™, means you'll be learning about health by reading stories, playing nutrition health games, and exploring physical activity games. We only use accurate content from our research partners and credible federal agencies like the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Baylor College of Medicine, and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Lunch Crunch 2
Fill your plates with healthy side items for Chef Bleu's restaurant in Lunch Crunch 2. Learn about how to replace unhealthy side items with healthy ones.

Pyramid Pile Up Plus
Defeat the Chompies to a game of healthy food Pyramid Pile Up that's all about the food groups. Learn about whole grains and low fat choices too.

Lunch Crunch
Get your trays past the Lunch Lady in the fast-paced game of Lunch Crunch. Learn about nutrition by filling lunches with two fruits and vegetables.

Food Fury
Crack the code of "Go, Slow, Whoa" with our favorite floating monster, Sprite. The Food Fury health game was our first free kids game on Playnormous!

Brain Gain
Discover how Professor Mad Monster got his name by playing our quiz game Brain Gain. Learn about portion size, meal balance, fruit, and vegetables.

Juice Jumble
We dare you to try the Playnormous tile game, Juice Jumble. Learning about what's in your favorite fruit drinks is fresh fun!

Bubble Rubble
Power up Chicken Dawg with aerobic activity bubbles in Bubble Rubble. Discover the difference between active and sedentary activities.

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