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Click on the food tiles to make a chain.

Make 5 Go chains, 5 Slow chains, and 5 Whoa chains before time runs out to win!

Roll over tiles with your cursor to read facts and hints about the foods.

Tiles are color coded green, yellow, and red to help you in the first few levels.

Please give us your feedback to improve our games!

The Food Fury health game is the first and most popular free kids game on the Playnormous website. In this nutrition health game, learn about how to eat healthy by using the “Go, Slow, Whoa” method.

Learn about all six food groups:

  1. GO Foods are very healthy and can be eaten almost anytime. Go Foods should be eaten every day. Examples include green beans, whole wheat tortillas, and eggs.
  2. SLOW Foods are sort of healthy and can be eaten sometimes. They have some fat and sugar. You should eat some Slow Foods every day. Examples include pretzels, peanut butter, and yogurt.
  3. WHOA Foods are not so healthy foods. They should only be eaten once in a while because they contain a lot of fat and sugar. Examples include French fries, brownies, and milk shakes.

We want to help kids and their families live healthier lives by preventing obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. Part of a healthy lifestyle is a healthy diet.

By playing Food Fury, we hope it will be easier for you to spot a healthy food, a food that is somewhat healthy, and a food that is not so healthy. Get healthy by choosing to eat more healthy foods!

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