Bubble Rubble

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Using your mouse, push Chicken Dawg into bubbles. To stay out of trouble, pop only bubbles that contain aerobic activities.

Popped aerobic bubbles release exercise minutes. Collect enough exercise minutes before time runs out.

Popping sedentary activities releases rocky rubble that blocks the screen.

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Bubble Rubble is a game that’s all about exercise and keeping a curious monster named Chicken Dawg out of trouble. The goal of this health game is to pop as many aerobic activities as possible and collect aerobic exercise minutes.

Learn about the difference between:

  1. Aerobic activities like basketball, biking, and walking which help make your heart healthier and burn calories.
  2. Strength activities like sit-ups and yoga which build muscles.
  3. Sedentary activities like watching TV and playing cards aren’t really active and don’t require much energy to do.

We want to help kids and their families live healthier lives by preventing heart disease, obesity, and Type 2 Diabetes. Part of a healthy lifestyle is being physically active.

By playing Bubble Rubble, we hope you will learn about what activities help give you a healthy heart. Get up and move for a healthier life!

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