Brain Gain

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Using your mouse, select the answer you think is correct.

You have a short amount of time to answer each set of questions.

The faster you answer, the higher your score.

Get enough questions correct before time runs out to win!

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featured FRIEND:

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Test your brain with this online web game that’s all about health! In Brain Gain, Professor Mad Monster wants to see how much you know about portion size, meal balance, fruit, and vegetables.

There are five types of questions:

  1. Multiple Choice
  2. True/False
  3. Fruit/Vegetable or Non-Fruit/Vegetable
  4. This is a…
  5. Find the Healthy Food

We want to help kids and their families live healthier lives by preventing obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. Part of achieving a healthy life is knowing about nutrition and physical activity.

We hope that playing Brain Gain will show you what you need to read up on and teach you some helpful information along the way. Increase your knowledge to increase your health!

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