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June 29th, 2012 . by Catherine Frederico, MS RD LDN

Sometime in February of this year, Apple’s iPhone App Store reached over 600,000 apps. MobiHealthNews reported that there were then over 23,000 health apps. is working feverishly to categorize health apps, but sometimes health games are submitted to the App Store as “games” and don’t get included in the health app hunt.

I just finished writing an ebook called, “An App A Day.” In it, I briefly review and point consumers to hundreds of apps for iPhones, iPads, and the iPod touch. Most are health apps, but some are just plain handy for personal use. In the book, I make the case for using health apps, but you have probably already heard about the obesity epidemic and the rising costs of health care on the daily news. I also include guidelines for how to assess apps to find the best.

In An App A Day, there are 3 main categories in the Health Games chapter that include: Food & Nutrition (11 games), Activity (9 games), and Health Education (2 games). I really like Max’s Plate for preschoolers, and Seek ‘n Spell for older children. Eat This-Not That and Food Focus: Fruits are fun, too. Recently I contributed multiple-choice and true-false questions for Breast Cancer Care to help educate users about prevention. And if you have a new iPad and an exercise bike, you will love Fit Freeway. This game gives momentum to a race car on a track based on vibrations from the exercise bike. It tracks head movements to steer the car. Pretty amazing use of technology!

After purchase, An App A Day is emailed as a PDF download that can then be read on your Apple device either in iBooks or Kindle apps as a document when opened from your email. I also wrote a version for health professionals. So, the next time you visit the doctor, don’t be surprised if you are given a prescription to play a health game. Staying healthy sure beats popping pills!

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