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July 25th, 2008 . by Catherine Frederico, MS RD LDN

I hate to admit it, but social media does work sometimes…

I found this pretty amazing blog this morning through a very roundabout sort of way, courtesy of social media. I am subscribed to a daily newsletter feed for a blog called ProBlogger. Really, anything you need to know about blogs, this is the place to go. Sometimes the owner of ProBlogger likes to do little experiments, like the Social Media Love-In which resulted in Follow These Twitter Users-They’re Just Like You. Long story short, I found this great blog called Simple Mom. It’s written by…well…a mom, and the first page I happened to open was a post where she explains all about RSS Feeds.

So, that was a long, roundabout way of saying, this Monster’s Blog post is brought to you by this post, courtesy of Simple Mom. Thanks, Simple Mom!

What are they feeding me exactly?

Simple Mom - RSSRSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” It’s a little piece of technology that allows you to receive up-to-date information from sites in one spot, where you can then read them on your own time. Many times, a blog’s RSS is simply called a “feed.”

A subscription is a good description for receiving these feeds – think of it as you would subscribing to a magazine or newspaper. Usually there’s a button or link somewhere on the site which says “subscribe” or “RSS Feed.” The cute one on Simple Mom is pasted to the right. Feeds come to your mailbox when they have new stuff to give you.

An RSS reader is a place you go to read your feeds. The most popular ones are Bloglines and Google Reader. I personally use NetNewsWire. No particular reason, that’s just what Jon set up on my iMac. Thanks, Jon!

Monsters Blog-RSS

Can I subscribe to Monster’s Blog via RSS?

Do we have a cute RSS feed button like the Simple Mom blog? NO!!!! I suppose everything on our site can’t be cute.

But we do have an RSS section on Playnormous. See the left-hand side of the blog with links so you can subscribe to the Feed and/or the Comments. Just download the reader of your choice, click on the link, and you’re good to go!

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